Homeowners often wonder, will my granite countertops ever go out of style? This is a question that we get a lot, and it’s fair. Renovating or updating your kitchen with granite countertops can be a big investment and many homeowners are hoping that their decision will last them in the long run, both in style and in durability.

Well, the good news is that no, granite will never become dated because it is a 100% natural material. Materials like wood, stone and plants will not go out of style, because nature will never go out of style. The colours and patterns found in each slab of granite were formed way before human intervention, even before things like design trends were invented.

Of course, there are always going to be colours and patterns that will be more popular at any given time, but the material of granite itself will never go out of style. This is also true for wood, which our homes are primarily made out of.

In many cases, renovations start to look outdated because of the style of the feature or the finish, but not because of the material itself. This observation is important in making sure that you pick a granite style that still looks a good many years down the line.

Think about these factors if you’re still unsure:

There are always new patterns and colours discovered in granite every day. There are a few popular colours and patterns available like Indian Coffee Brown, which are found in large quantities at massive quarries, but most types of granite can only be available in a limited amount.

Eventually, most granite patterns that are on the market today will be completely sold out, completely quarried, which makes these slabs from that specific quarry unavailable, thus unrepeatable in any kitchen or bathroom. This same quarry may only produce completely different colours as it continues in different directions in the ground.

Picking the granite for your kitchen is more comparable to picking a piece of art rather than picking out wall paint or tiles.

It’s always possible to decorate differently around your granite to completely change the look and feel of a room.

As you are shopping around for the perfect granite for you, think about ways in which you can change the look of the room by re-decorating around your granite stone. What other possible paint colours would go with this particular granite? Would you be able to change your appliances’ colour and your cabinet colour in ten years?

Concentrate on making a space that is truly beautiful to yourself so that you can avoid any passing trends.

The easiest way to create a kitchen that is dated is to follow the latest trends that will fade out in a mere season. The best way to make a kitchen that will stay beautiful as the trends come and go is to focus more on choosing granite and other features that you truly love.