Granite countertops make a great statement piece in the home, but you will need to understand how to care for them in order to get them to stand the test of time. Granite is a pretty strong material, which makes them an even more valuable piece in the home since it can look great for years to come. Granite countertops also will maintain their natural beauty and shine. When you want something to give you quality, then you will want to make sure that it lasts for a long while.

Think About Sealing

Granite is typically installed with a seal on it, so you might not need to seal it again once it is installed. However, you could find that it is a good idea to reseal it regularly so you can avoid damaging it. Adding on an extra layer is a good way to prevent wear and tear on your countertop. A good rule of thumb is to seal it once per year.

Wiping Down the Surface

If you don’t know if your granite countertops are clean, it’s best to just wipe them off anyways. Debris, dirt and grime on the surface of your counters can wear down the materials and they also might get stuck inside. It can also scratch the surface and make them less durable. You should try to wipe away any spills as soon as they occur, and wipe down your whole counter each and every day.

Try to Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

You might not know this, but using certain cleaning products can cause cracks in your countertops. They might also start to wear down the material over a long period of time. There will be a seal on your granite, but it will still be porous, so this means it can still absorb the harsh cleaning products. This leads to damage, and wear and tear. You should stick with a pH neutral cleaning agent and some soap and water and let them dry, so chemicals are not able to soak into the stone.

Stay Prepared

One of the greatest ways you can avoid chips or damage to your granite is to be prepared and to think ahead. For instance, heavy objects can damage your counters, or if they end up falling down, they can damage your floors. Try not to place heavy or oddly shaped objects directly onto your counter, or try putting down a towel first as a barrier.

You can also stop other people from spilling or dropping things on the counters. However, if you place coasters or other protective items, you can eliminate a lot of accidents. You can find decorative coasters for your guests to use, and you might also want to use hot pads when putting down hot dishes, so you don’t leave any marks on the stone.

In general, it’s good to avoid placing items right on the surface, even if they aren’t hot. Since this can cause a crack or chip.

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