Despite rising trends of other countertop materials like quartz and marble, granite remains immensely popular in the US and Canada, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Granite countertops are versatile, extremely durable, and resistant to high heat, scratches, and stains. However, while granite can take a beating more than other materials, there are a few things that can affect its longevity. Here are the top seven things you should avoid doing on your granite countertops if you want them to keep in good condition.

Raw Meat

If your granite countertop is well-sealed, it should keep bacteria from working into its microscopic crevices, but do you really want to risk it? Besides, the bacteria left behind can contaminate other food items and become hazardous to your health. Many people feel the need to use harsh cleaners and disinfectants after prepping raw meat on the countertop. However, these harsh chemicals are often not appropriate for granite and can instead dull and damage the sealant over time.

Acidic Foods/Items

Everyday household acidic items can damage the seal on your granite and affect its stain-resistant ability, such as:
● Vinegar
● Citrus Fruits
● Soft Drinks
● Nail polish


Accidents happen, and spills are inevitable. However, you should always clean them up promptly as spills that sit for too long can etch away the sealant. We recommend cleaning spills with hot soapy water or a mild cleanser.


If you’re using your granite countertop as a cutting board, it’s your knives that you should be worrying about. Granite is tough and can handle knives. However, the stone will dull and even chip the blades over time.

Impact Damage

Granite is indeed very strong and hard, but the impact of a heavy object can cause chipping. Chipping is commonly seen around sinks and edges where the granite is the most vulnerable. So, be cautious when lifting heavy objects above your countertops!

Hot Pans

Again, granite is extremely heat-resistant and can handle hot pots and pans. However, excessive heat can weaken the sealant and its ability to withstand stains. So, it won’t be the end of the world if you put a hot pan on your granite countertops, but we don’t recommend leaving it there for long or doing so regularly.

Sit Or Stand On It

Granite has natural fissures and striations that can crack under excessive weight. So use a ladder or a stool instead when reaching for things in cabinets or changing light bulbs.

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