Laminate countertops are back in fashion. If stone or wood kitchen countertops are beyond your budget, you may want to consider laminate. Don’t worry! They are a fry cry from the stained, fading, peeling countertops that you may have seen years back. Laminate made waves in the 1960s and 70s when plastic was in fashion. However, the material is not plastic but sourced from paper. Here’s how they are composed:

  • The top layer is made of transparent melamine resin that protects everything below it.
  • The overlay or wear layer is made of paper, quite like the ones used to make coffee filters or tea bags. This layer contains melamine resin and aluminum oxide as well.
  • Above the top layer is the decorative colour and design that you see and admire.

Modern laminate countertops have stepped up their game. It’s hard to tell them apart from natural stone. Here are a few more reasons why they have spiked up in value:

Natural Stone Look

Laminate countertops today look just like natural stone, but they fit more easily within your budget. Marble, quartz, wood grains, name it and you’ll find a laminate that looks just like the ones mentioned.

Installation Choices

Laminate can be easily installed in a DIY job, unlike granite countertops slabs or other natural stone surfaces. You can buy prefabricated countertops online or from home improvement stores. The laminate surfaces are already applied to the base in these supplies but on the flipside, there is not much choice in stock. Alternately, if you are handy with tools, just make it and install yourself. If the thought of DIY installation does not appeal to you, just call professionals. There is a huge variety of styles and designs available for professional installations. It takes less time than doing it yourself and the finish will be clean and professional.

Heat and Stain Resistant

Modern laminate countertops can withstand high temperatures and stains just like quartz countertops. It’s better to not take risks though. Use a trivet instead of placing hot pans directly on laminate because on the downside, laminate burns cannot be fixed. High-quality laminate countertop brands are built with antimicrobial protection to reduce contamination.

Impact Resistant

Unlike stone that chips easily, modern laminates are more impact resistant. It is possible to ruin stone when you drop heavy pots and pans but laminate can take a pounding. Even if you accidentally slam a cast iron skillet, a laminate countertop will hold up. You can have an undermount sink, not just a drop-in option like the earlier days and they are easier to maintain than stone.

Home Resale Value

Some home sellers wonder if laminate kitchen countertops will affect home resale value. That does not hold true. Invest in a neutral, timeless pattern instead of a customized choice to ensure a broader appeal. A bold, bright red laminate countertop may appeal to you but it may not go down well with other buyers. If the kitchen is upgraded and well-maintained, you will attract enough buyers. Laminate is durable and easy to clean. You just need a simple wipe down with non-abrasive soap and water to keep them look bright and beautiful for years.

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