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Art's experienced staff will do the full countertop installation, which includes plumbing. To simplify your renovation, we offer a large variety of sinks and faucets. We also supply the do-it-yourselfer at the most competitive countertop prices in the area.

Our professional yet personal care has separated us from any other in the countertop industry. Although our business has grown, it has always been our goal to keep the same family atmosphere we started with. Our experienced office staff will help you create just the right look for your kitchen, bath or bar area.

Founder of Art’s Custom Woodworking in Cambridge in 1985. Being a skilled craftsman from Germany, Art started the company building stairs, cabinets, store fixtures and countertops. As the demand for countertops increased, Art and his son, Dave, decided to go full time into the countertop field. Art retired after the sudden passing of his wife in 1998, selling his portion of the company to his partner and son, David Schnell. Art still comes in regularly to see how things are going.

Owner and partner with his wife, Beth. David went to college in 1985 for electronics and joined his father, Art, in 1987. Together they purchased the home at their present location in 1988. The shop was built in 1989. For many years, David and Art could be seen running from the shop to the office many times per day as they were only a three-man shop. Now that Art’s has grown a little larger, David takes the most pleasure sometimes in just cutting out counters and working on them in the shop, or in fulfilling his other business duties and vision.

Owner and partner with David. As Art’s grew in the early years, Beth found it necessary to help do the paperwork. Beth and Dave started a family, so from this point Beth would update the books a few times a week or as necessary. She is involved behind the scenes. It was Beth who had the vision of expanding the shop in 2001. It was also the vision of Beth and her father, Robert Warren, to purchase the home next door, to widen the driveway, and to add much additional parking. We are waiting for her next vision. LOL.

Cindy has been working at Art’s since June of 1999. Cindy is the pleasant face and voice representing the company. She has an excellent knowledge of the kitchen industry and great flair with colour. She personally deals with the customers and does all of the ordering and invoicing. Cindy is a conscientious contributor to customer service and satisfaction.

Glen has been working at Art’s since June of 1999. Glen came to Art’s with experience in the field of cabinet making. He has proven to have great strengths in planning and design. He has been a full-time installer for Art’s for close to 10 years. He does commercial and residential installations. He is a pleasant, conscientious and professional installer who will leave each customer completely satisfied.

Tim has been working for Art’s since October 2003. Tim came to Art’s with a woodworking technology degree. He is responsible for nearly all of the custom countertop and cabinet work. Tim also does complete installations and plumbing as needed. Tim is a meticulous worker with high standards.

Brian has been working for Art’s since March 2004. Brian has been in the woodworking field for nearly 30 years. Brian is a steady worker responsible for the majority of post formed countertops that are manufactured at Art’s. Brian is a perfectionist and takes pride in all the work he does. His quality workmanship speaks for itself.

Stephen has been full time at Art’s since February 2011. Son of David and Beth, Steve plans on continuing the business to the next generation. He also plans to attend college for a woodworking course as well. Stephen is working on post formed countertops and will expand his knowledge in the coming years.

Ben has worked for Art’s for two summers. Son of David and Beth, Ben is currently going to the University of Ottawa with a major in Political Science. Ben worked on post formed countertops and created the original website at

Michael is the mailman. He is also a child protégé who will someday be the greatest woodworker of all time. Vision flows from his body like water from a freshly installed tap, which you can purchase by coming down to Art's Countertops!